Hello all!

 This will be the official page where I will be posting updates/stories/pictures for my upcoming kayak packing trip. Let me fill you in with a little background info.

 - My name is Cole Kolasa, I am 19 years old and studying environmental engineering at the University of Central Florida. Throughout my life I have been dedicated to conservation and sustainability of the environment, but my home will always be the Gulf of Mexico. I've participated in coral research for the past 6 years and I have been a science diver with SCUBAnauts Intl. since I was 12. My past summers have all been spent doing volunteer work with organizations such as MOTE marine in the Florida Keys, and visiting Washington D.C. to discuss ocean issues with politicians and scientists. However this summer I've decided to do something different. As I said I spend most my time outside and have done many small trips on the water, on the Appalachian trail, on the road, and on the bike. This summer my goal is to do something much bigger, something that can make a difference. After thinking a bit the idea struck me to kayak the west coast of Florida to draw attention to the gulf and raise money for artificial reefs in my hometown in Hernando County Florida. Artificial reefs provide a habitat for marine organisms and they also enhance fisheries. This artificial reef will not only draw in fishers, but draw them away from the natural reefs of the area which need to be protected and preserved. My goal is $10,000 and you can donate through the go-fund-me link in the drop down on the top left of the screen.


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