A Big Bend Thank you 

 We've been enjoying some incredible paddling the past few days here in the Big Bend! The weather has been exceptional and the scenery has been incredible! 

Today marks my 20th day of paddling and I'll be coming into the Suwannee river! 

Yesterday not even 20 minutes into our paddle I saw two Sea Kayakers off in the distance. I told Harry "I'll wait for you up ahead I'm going to see who this is!" I'm so glad I paddled ahead. As soon as I caught up I was greeted with the friendly faces of John and Joni, two paddlers from Jacksonville. Sure enough they had actually heard of my trip and been following my SPOT tracker! I couldn't believe that out in such a remote location I ran into people who had heard of me! 

 We ended up paddling the whole day together and the miles flew by as we spent the day chatting non stop and observing the many sea turtles, sharks and rays we came across in the shallow sea grass beds. 

Later on they offered us a place to stay in Steinhatchee and we couldn't turn down some AC and a hot shower! We shared many laughs, a great meal, and a great paddle! Harrison and I can't thank you two enough and I look forward to keeping in touch and paddling together in the future! Thanks again! 

 I'd also love to say thanks to everyone whose been here to help the past week! 

Richard and Nate, thanks for dealing with me and all my junk in your house for four days. Tally is awesome and I'm happy to call you guys my friends. Love your house by the way. 

To my pals Miles and Sam! Thanks for the ride and all the delicious food back down to the gulf. I Loved seeing you guys and I hope all goes well in the mountains! 

Harrison: thanks for coming and paddling and with me! Always a pleasure to have you around. Cheers to many more trips! 

Of course thanks to my parents, I wouldn't be on this trip if it wasn't for you guys! I can't wait to see you all in the Suwannee! 


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