Day 5 - Not so easy paddling...

 Well, conditions definitely picked up today! After a long morning of getting organized and doing some laundry, I launched around noon into heavy winds and some choppy surf. With a little struggle I paddled out past the break and started my short paddle inland to Grayton beach park where I'm currently at now.

  After 8 miles or so of choppy conditions I landed with a fun ride in on the surf and was greeted with a cold drink and some help with my Kayak from a lovely family on shore. It seems there's no shortage of helping hands in the panhandle!

I managed to snag a primitive camp sight just next to shore the rain started. In need of a freshwater wash-down I was happy to soak in the rain and rinse all my other salty gear. The weather is supposed to stay windy and stormy tomorrow, so I plan on using it as a planning and organization day while I wait out the weather. I've been making good time, so it won't hurt to have a day off the water.


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