Sailing with George 


  Paddling along the ditch (the intercoastal waterway) in Venice I heard a voice behind me. 

  "Hey you gotta pretty good cadence going there! Where ya heading??" 

  The voice was that of my new good friend George, an outdoorsman, sailor, river runner, mason, and just about as many other skills as you can think of. You can imagine we got along real well! George has been sailing down the coast and is trying to get to the Keys. We both were struggling with the weather and after talking I ended up on his boat!

  Sailing was a nice little break from paddling for the day, and it gave me a little time to get out of the weather and get cleaned up. Let me tell ya, I definitely have the sailing bug, and if I wasn't paddling, I'd probably still be on that boat! We split a marina fee 50/50 and boy was it nice to get a hot shower and get some laundry done! 

  Our conversations were just about endless. We always had something to talk about and jokes and banter were everywhere. One would think we'd known each other for years. 

George I enjoyed our time on the water and I'll be seeing ya in the keys! 

Currently I'm in Marco Island after two days of paddling from Fort Myers! What a little trek! The weather has been HOT! Still I've been enjoying the scenery and the tropical feel as I get south!


  Thanks to Remaks family for giving me a place to stay and to Tony at Tigertail Beach for the support!! 

Also, 100 miles left to paddle! 


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